<![CDATA[Cattle Grazing, Glendun, Co.Antrim]]> <![CDATA[Anglers on the Owenmore River, Co.Mayo.]]> <![CDATA[Still Waters, Glendun, Co.Antrim]]> <![CDATA[Catch of the Day]]> <![CDATA[Night Lights, Waterfront Hall, Belfast]]> <![CDATA[River Bann From The Salmon Leap, Coleraine]]> <![CDATA[Foothills of Binevenagh Mountain]]> <![CDATA[Crossing the Peace Bridge, Derry/Londonderry]]> <![CDATA[Overlooking the Lagan]]> <![CDATA[River Bush, Bushmills, Co.Antrim]]> <![CDATA[River Margy, Ballycastle Golf Club, Co.Antrim]]> <![CDATA[The Angler]]> <![CDATA[Kellswater Bridge, Kells, Co. Antrim.]]> <![CDATA[Angling in Still Waters]]> <![CDATA[Changing Pastures]]> <![CDATA[Farmstead In The Antrim Hills]]>